Thursday, April 15, 2010

third batch...

did you know, if you email me a picture of yourself holding your copy of ESCAPE FROM DULLSVILLE, I will draw a sketch of a character from the book for your very own. here is the third batch of drawings.

There is still time to send in a photo for a free sketch, you have till the end of april!

thanks again for buying and reading the book.

paul and john requested one tony baggadonuts and one dr. otto and lil' billy with exposed brains.
leon the cat requested some construction worker cat porn. none of which appears in the book but i guess i'll make an exception because cats can't read.
and my brother carl bought 5 books one for himself and 4 to give to friends here's his 5 sketches.

and if you live in san francisco you can still go and see my artwork in person at Mission: comics and art it's up until april 26th.


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morgan said...

This is EXCELLENT Andy. And very nice of you to make that exception for the cat who can't read.