Saturday, April 24, 2010

round 4...

you have one week left to email me a picture of yourself holding your copy of ESCAPE FROM DULLSVILLE, so i can draw a sketch of a character from the book for your very own. here is the 4th batch of drawings.

just look at these happy readers!

morgan wanted magico and the weird bug from the infinity scope, and wa-la he got em.
van asked for the beatnik nordine.
andrew wanted some sort of nautical themed drawing. perhaps this scene happens in the next graphic novel.
matty asked for ralph burton the trucker, i threw in the burger cart for free (hold the mayo).

thanks guys!



C.Bennett said...

That picture of Sloan is awesome,..... I wonder if they told him about the terrorist attack right after that picture was takin

Michael Jasorka said...

Your work looks great man!!.. Hope to catch you at a comics event sometime, I'll look for your new graphic novel!!...

xiaopywsp said...

good post !