Tuesday, April 13, 2010

second batch...

as you know, if you emailed me a picture of yourself holding your copy of ESCAPE FROM DULLSVILLE, I will draw a sketch of a character from the book for your very own. the second batch and third batch is out and into the world, i am currently finishing to 4th batch. if you see your picture below and still haven't received it in the next few days in the mail please contact me.

There is still time to send in a photo for a free sketch, you have till the end of april!

thanks again for buying and reading the book.
here is the second batch:

troy wanted bully bill and bully for him for it.arvin of the bomb squad requested a Rusty Jones.
and the talented Andy asked for Anton Fleece.

third batch soon!


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shtfilter said...

Got mine on Monday. Thanks.