Sunday, January 17, 2010

week of things!

This week was a very busy for me as far as public appearances. It all Started last weekend with Indy Euphoria in Sacramento. It was Sac-towns first Indy comic convention and unfortunately it was scheduled for the same weekend as an anime con, so it was really, really, really slow and lowly attended. But it was still a cool convention to do and i somehow managed to cover my costs of getting out there. Indy Euphoria was also held in this cool building, The Scottish Rite center, which i guess is an uber free-mason hangout. The second stop this week was the "into the ring, sumo style" art show that i did a piece for. Plenty of folks there and Free Saki made for a good time. and yesterday i went down to SLG headquarters for the second San Jose Comics Fest. Pretty cool little quarterly free comic con hosted by SLG. pictures below

me and my brother phil at Indy Euphoria
Convention sketch i did of Brain-e-cat for a girl named kat.Global domination explained in 30 easy steps!
weird two headed mason eagle
me next to my painting at the sumo show.
A slower moment at the San Jose Comics fest held deep within the SLG bunker.


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