Sunday, November 15, 2009

go for the gold 3

i've got some artwork in meathaus' new sketchbook anthology go for the gold 3. (click link to see a preview of the book.) along with a bunch of other great artists.

(this is the cover)

here's the info:

Meathaus’ new anthology sketchbook features: Andy Ristaino, Arik Roper, Benjamin Marra, Bob Flynn, Dash Shaw, Dave Kiersh, Esao Andrews, Farel Dalrymple, Jason Sacher, Josh Latta, HARVEYJAMES™, Inés Estrada, Jesse Moynihan, Katie Rice, Kevin Fagan, Michaela Zacchilli, Mu Pan, Nathan Fox, Nicholas Gazin, Nick Bertozzi, Peter Chung, Rebecca Sugar, Ron Wimberly, Sam Kim, Thomas Herpich, Victor Cayro, Vincent Giard, Vincent Stall, Zachary Baldus, Tomer Hanuka, James Jean, Brandon Graham, Robertryan Cory, Al Columbia, and Chris McD.

You can pre-order it right now and it will Priority Mail out to you first week in December along with a bonus mini doodle zine and optional Chris McD doodle (just select what you want in the store).


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