Friday, November 06, 2009


forgot to put this in the news dump.

i am among 80 plus artists appearing in the monstrous 512 paged popgun 4. it's coming out 2/2/2010 here is the line up:

Night of the Living Vidiots by Andy Ristaino
Kill The Legend by Jonathan Silvestre
The Black Decahedron by Adam P. Knave, D.J. Kirkbride, & Jason Ibarra
Reggie 1 by Erik Larsen
7:42 by Stuart Livingston
Thinking Out Cloud by Stephanie Ramirez
The Seneschal by Tom Scioli
Theory of Colors by Jessica Fink
Reggie 2 by Erik Larsen
Agent Orange by Darren Rawlings
Family Reunion pt 1 by Dave Brenion, Joe Flood
Reggie 3 by Erik Larsen
Bastard Road: Elle Hath No Fury by Brian Winkeler, Dave Curd
Sanz Pantz in Tsugaru-Shamurai Showdown! by Chris Moreno, Thomas Mauer
Fables From Fractured Earth by Todd Dezago, Nikos Koutsis, Vassilis Gogtzilas, Mike Toris, Thomas Mauer
The Jewel of Kurvi Tasch by Andrea Kalfas
Revenge of the Kraken by Alison Acton, Jim Charalampidis
Chasing The Goldfish by JM Ken Niimura
Jacket by Amanda Becker, Janet Kim
Untangled by JEIK, Dominique Carrier
Stay For Breakfast (Or The Lonely Ghost) by Michael Dialynas
Love in the Time of Plenty by Angie Wang
Hamburgers For One by Frank Stockton
Intermission by Jock
Sisterhood of the Armageddon by Anthony Wu
He Floated Away by Elton Pruitt, Manoel Magalhaes, Osmarco Valladao, Brandon Seifert
Bacon And Tulula by Stephen Reedy, Adam Lucas
Quiet Explosions by Adam P. Knave, Wayne Nichols
Queen of Cups by Elizabeth Genco, John Bivens
The Curse of Neph by Lars Brown, MJ
The Dark Master's Reign by Jefferey Brown, Bill Crabtree
Queasy by John Malloy
Harshing The Mellow by Derek McCulloch, Anthony Peruzzo
Acid Sunset by Anna Wieszczyk
Reggie 4 by Erik Larsen
The Eye by Jeremy Tinder
The Orb by Nils Hamm
Honolulu Lorie's Lava Love Lounge by Salgood Sam
Bloom by Fernanda Jaber, Fellipe Martins
Reggie 5 by Erik Larsen
Family Reunion pt 2 by Dave Brenion, Joe Flood, Shana Brenion
Bastard Road: This Bludz For You by Brian Winkeler, Dave Curd, Eric Sandhop
Agents of the WTF in Blue Light Special by D.J. Kirkbride, Adam P. Knave, Matteo Scalera, Paolo Ferrante, Antonio
Campo, Thomas Mauer
Endangered by Michael Woods, Michael Meier
Bullets for the Poor by Mark Andrew Smith, Dave Collinsun
Rusted - Fading Signal by Nick Tapalansky, Alex Eckman-Lawn, & Thomas Mauer
Mekano Turbo by Alexis Ziritt, Elliot Blake, Mike Houlihan
The Hellbender by Maximo V. Lorenzo
The Mad Mauler by Robert Love, David Walker
The Golden Mantis of Chinatown by Vito Delsante, Attila Adorjany
Hate League by Alice Hung, Meg Hunt
Mr. Universe - Broken Hearts by Vassilis Gogtzilas, Nikos Koutsis, Thomas Mauer
Ruby Red Tomato by Becky Dreistadt, Frank Gibson
Sasquatch by Nick Edwards
Reggie 6 by Erik Larsen


Maximo said...

actually "Michael V. Bramley" was not part of Hellbender, it is only Maximo V. Lorenzo

andy ristaino said...

sorry bout that maximo. i had copied all the information from the popgun press release. i fixed the post to reflect the actual information.


Maximo said...

Oh no problem! thanks for the fix! Have a good one!!