Monday, November 16, 2009


About a week ago I finished my newest graphic novel, a 288 page book collecting all 7 issues of my comic “Life of a Fetus.” The collection, "Escape from Dullsville" contains over 80 pages of new material including the previously unpublished L.O.A.F. issue 8.

Unfortunately, pre - orders were not high enough for my publisher SLG Comics to justify printing the book just yet, so unless i can raise enough pre-order sales quickly it might NEVER BE PRINTED

That’s where you come in!
My hope is to get everyone who would normally buy the book when it comes out to preorder it from ASAP! If we can get enough pre-order sales the book WILL BE PRINTED! If you can pass this message along to anyone you think would be interested in it, that would help a lot too!

Not only is it super easy to preorder the book from Amazon, you’ll be getting the book at $6 less than the cover price! Just click the Amazon links in this post. Amazon will not charge you until the book ships so if the book never gets printed you won't ever be charged.

As a bonus, if you email me a photo of yourself holding the book, I’ll will personally send you an original sketch of a character of your choosing from "Escape from Dullsville!" I'm sure with your help we can this thing printed lickety splits.

You can read the press release for more information about the book here, or puruse the images below.

Thanks again for your support!

- Andy Ristaino

(some examples of pages from the book. click the image to see em' bigger!)

Escape from Dullsville

It all starts when a claustrophobic fetus, tired of its surroundings, decides to make an early exit. Setting in motion an avalanche of bizarre happenings. Soon the fetus becomes embroiled in the plots and schemes of the likes of little green men, mad scientist puppets, government cover-ups, jet-packed babysitters, strange cults, anarchists, beatniks, psychotic magicians, truckers, and crazy mothers, as it goes on the most wigged-out of road trips through the good ol' U.S. of A.


Nelson Evergreen said...

Hi Andy, 'found my way here via the post on Bleeding Cool. It'll be insane if this doesn't see print, it's dazzling stuff. I've pre-ordered! Fingers crossed.

andy ristaino said...

thanks nelson!