Tuesday, March 10, 2009

sketchbook now available!

here's a quick little preview of my self published full color sketchbook "Night of the Living Vidiots" that i had printed up for a.p.e. last year. it's a little art book ( 7 1/2" x 6") on nice paper, with a limited print run of 300. i still have a bunch left over so i figured if your looking at my blog you might be interested in it. the book has 40 pages of artwork in it a few of the pages are featured below. i apologize for the crappy photos the colors are alot more vibrant in person. hopefully i can get better ones up there soon.

$12.00 u.s. shipping included



Dreamers Dream said...

this somehow reminds me of the power puff girls

haha i like these

Sarah Morgan said...

wow. u sure are talented

fritopi said...

this is really baller! i especially like the cover.