Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pet Noir...

big hello's to everyone stopping in from blogs of note. i figure i'll post some more of my comics that were published in anthologies since i'm getting alot of traffic right now. this one is from an anthology written by my good friend Shannon O'leary called "Pet Noir" back in 2006. the book contains all true crime stories involving pets. pretty neat little book.



Ac Means said...

I love your comics...

rachete said...



KLo said...

I enjoyed reading this very much. This might sound strange, but it made me think of Jodi Picoult's book "The Tenth Circle" where comics are used as a part of the storytelling. I didn't think I was going to like it at first, but I ended up gaining a true appreciation for an art form which I'd once felt kind of dismissive about. Your work is excellent : )

Prabath said...

your comics are so great, keep it up.


Alice said...

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rasz_adawiyah said...

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Crown Royal on Ice said...

The Comics are awsome... I love comic books. When did you start doing all of this?

andy ristaino said...

hey everyone, first off thanks for leaving such nice comments! i'm glad you like what your looking at.

KLo i'll have to check out "the tenth circle"

in reguards to trading links. i try to only post links to illustration animation comics blogs just to keep with the theme of what i do. so if i don't post your link please don't take it personally.

in reply to crown royal on ice. i've been drawing comics since i was very very young. i've been drawing comics professionally since 1999.

thanks again for stopping in.

w.w.i.i.g.g.s.s. said...

Spike the Cat is this and that!

Vic Diaz said...

pretty cool man.


sami said...

Hi, I love the story of this comic. I felt that I am on the same situation with Lillian. I am rescuing cats since I was just a kid. I had one cat that was found dead on front of our house and he was lying under a car's wheel, which was parked there. I never found out the real story behind it but I know that my cat was hit by this car. We confronted the owner of the car but she denied that she didn't hit my cat. Anyway, thanks for this comic strip.