Tuesday, October 28, 2008


almost ready for ape! And it's a good thing because it's this weekend. mainly just waiting for some books in the mail. but here's the spread of things i'll have at my table.

the stuff i personally will be shillin':

the babysitter graphic novel
my new self-published "Night of the Living Vidiots" art book (if i get them in time!)
all 7 issues of L.O.A.F.
Meathaus S.O.S.
Free skronked zines
hand silkscreened t-shirts of several designs.
high qualitly art prints
Assemble head merch (records cd's and tshirts)
greeting cards for every occasion
a free shrinky dink pin or trinket with every perchase.
and i'm sorry to say folks that steven colbert will not be appearing there.

this is my first time having a table that isn't the fine folks at SLG, and I'm pretty excited about it even if we are way in the back! table's 259 and 260 (see image below.) not sure which one of the two i will be at. but i will be sharing it with two good friends Liz Walsh and Alex Theodoropolis.

Also Andrew Farago was kind enough to ask me to participate in the Bay Area Young Cartoonist Panel with some other cool artists on Sunday.

3:45-5:00 The Bay Area’s Young Cartoonists: 2008—Think the San Francisco comix scene hit its peak in the 1960s? Think again. Moderator Andrew Farago of San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum interviews Rina Ayuyang (Namby Pamby, Doodle Daze), Andy Hartzell (Fox Bunny Funny), Briana Miller (simple, still), Thien Pham (Thien Pham, Awesome), Andy Ristaino (The Babysitter), and Jason Thompson (Manga: The Complete Guide) about their comics and the ins and outs of the Bay Area creative community.

hope to see you all there!


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alex chiu said...

you're super cool. I hope things went well at APE. peace.