Tuesday, July 29, 2008

comic con report 2008: costume report.

whew! i'm back from comic con, and i'm back with twice my weight in comics! more on that in my next post. First i talk about what is most important at comic con. geeks who for some reason see the need to spend time making (or money buying) costumes of their favorite things.
(this is by no means a comprehensive list of all that were in costume at the convention. if anything it is only one tenth of those who dressed up).
in no particular order of course.

sssssh.... jaba's sleeping.
meet me on valhalla.
all hail the waffle king.
me infront of my banner bending time-space.
the waffle spot.
jet lee spent the entire con encased in terra cotta!
iron man protects some hulk ass.
elvis stormtrooper and ladyfriend.

castle grayskull in all it's glory.
the xmen?
friend cube!
armor for the whole family.matessi contemplates the masterchief.
the watchman owl ship.
the set of nightmare before christmas.
an awake jaba is a happy hutt
a little short for a snow trooper.black man vs. batman
snake eyes got his badge and is ready to shop.
lego batman.
i used to letter the guy with the orange hairs comic.
the iron monger.
creepy furries and what i assume is their nerd slave.
this was taken right before they shot me. (seriously tho' i wonder if they check to make sure the guns people are carrying are not real)
boba fett and tie fighter pilot.
the question... i'd know that face anywhere.
these guys were from the future.
the batcycle from the old 60's show
number 6 from the prisoner..."be seeing you"
triumph the comic insult dog gives one of many jokers a wedgie. there's a chance i might be on conan o'brian in the background if this makes it in the sketch.
weird goth s&m goth ninja fett
all the doctors stunt doubles showed up.
dumbledork was there.
plastic man was hitting people over the head with his mallet arm.
mexican no-face?
some ladies in normal convention garb.
the beast massages his face.
cobra commander was on the scene.
cylons were watching.
trapjaw and some other he-man she-ra characters.
the federation away team assigned to the con.
this guys got an indiana jones.
real life tie-fighters!



Thomas Herpich said...

whoa- was that Mike Matessi? He was one of my freshman year drawing instructors at SVA. I remember him arguing the superiority of Disney animation compared to Ghibli. Fuck that.

(Also, the tie-fighters win the coolest-nerds prize.)

andy ristaino said...

yea, tie fighters were my favorite nerds too.

geez, who doesn't know matessi? he is one of the creative directors where at leapfrog, where i work from time to time. despite the disney ghibli thing he's a pretty cool guy.

Uncle Phil said...

Woah crazy. Mike Mattessi totally introduced me to you in SD. Damn, I wish I had picked up some of your work there. I think I met you like 5 minutes after I arrived at comic con and I was still in that crazy haze caused by the overwhelming sensory shock of arriving at Comic Con.

And the fact that Tom noticed Mike in that photo of the Halo dude is amazing on multiple levels.

andy ristaino said...

ha. that's funny.

yea it's a crazy little world! definitley stop by at the next con.


Rusty G. B. said...

*sigh* i wanna go to a anime or comic con one day... looks pretty awesome though xD