Tuesday, July 29, 2008

comic con 2008: shwag report...

or how i spent too much money in too little time to insure that getting to and from the airport was as much of a hassle as possible.

here is a list of the comic booty in no particular order. (my apologizationals to those i could not fine links to.)

click on the pictchas to see em better.
the professor's daughter by joann sfar and emmanuel guibert. book plate betties by bill pressing. mixtape 2 and stupid comics phoenix edition by jim mahfood. deep sleeper by phil hester and mike huddleston. oogeley boogeley 3 by animation tour de force pascal campion. gus and his gang by chris blain. flesk publications fall catalog various artists. comics comics number 2 and 3 featuring pshaw and many more. NBM free fall sampler various artists. modern masters vol 6 arthur adams (who i sat a row behind on he flight back to san fran). alter ego no. 78 dave cockrum. five color comics no. 1 various artists put out by house of secrets. massive swerve books 1 and 2 by robert valley. jellyfist by j. vasquez and j. goldberg. lobster ladd and pirate club vol. 2 by derek hunter. usagi jane and the skull bunnies by ben seto. don't flash the octopus by steph laberis. the goddess of war by laura weinstein. lost penguin of elephant island, the caterpillaar space force of robots, he becomes who kills him, he curse of the silver cobra, journey along a fieldline, space junk all by zander cannon. animal blog and the young minotaur by gabriele pennacchioli. bone sharps, cowboys, and thunder lizards jim ottaviani and big time attic. tom columbus gave me his self published zines she says, serving time, and a sketchbook. monday night gig a smith bros. film. this years SLG catalog has the babysitter collection on the cover! the free nerd burglar by various artist. god the dyslexic dog issues 3 and 4 by alex nino. with friends like these 3, take out 1,2,4, 5 by raina telgemeier. swingin scary larry and gagert present carnival of souls. sean hemak and devon devereaux. discover dark horse comics 2008 various artist. we lost the war but not the battle by (the director) michel gondry. mad magazine's comic con freebe various artist. notes on a war story by gipi. oh my stars and garters the art of sarah dungan vol. 2. blister no. 1 by helen jo. biocreep 4 story stash. by the great mike daley. modern masters vol. 7 john byrne. six hundred and seventy six apparitions of klloffer by typocrat (i'm not sure if this is the publisher or the artist).

i also got some posters and free shirts and stuff like that...

haven't had a chance to read any of it.

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flathumbs said...

That's quite some swag! Were you able to pack that in your suitcase or was that all carry-on? Thanks for sharing the awesome Comic-con experience. I'll have to check it out next year.