Monday, October 01, 2012

100 episodes 100 characters contest!!!

   Here's 100 Adventure Time Characters.  CAN YOU NAME THEM ALL?

That's right, It's a little CONTEST on my blog.  The first person who can name all 100 characters using the numbering system displayed below will get something really cool mailed to them (So will the 2nd and 3rd persons to get them correct, but it won't be quite as cool as the first place prize.)

(click on the images to make them larger)
please email your answer to  I will announce the winners tomorrow, unless it takes longer than that for people to get the correct answers.
(please note: this contest is not affiliated with cartoon network in any way.)

*EDIT*  we got 3 winners!!!!  thanks to everyone that submitted. I will announce who they are tomorrow after i double check their lists!

**EDIT TWO**  I've posted the answer key and the names of the winners. in the comments section of this blog entry, so you can still play along and see if you can name all 100 of them without being spoiled . 



Unknown said...

Sad... I read the post late and when I finished and sent it, it was too late... :(

Will you post the answer key?

andy ristaino said...
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andy ristaino said...

the winners were:

1. Rob Cham
2. Cameron Sewell
3. Sean Vanek

thanks to everyone who took the time to send in answers last night! I might be sending you guys something anyway.