Tuesday, March 13, 2012

wondercon 2012!

I'll be appearing at WONDERCON this weekend at the Anaheim convention center.  artist alley table -134.  I'll be selling books, zines, prints and drawing sketches for folks who ask nicely.  (i'll also be appearing on theAdventure Time panel on saturday with a bunch of the artists on the show including show creator Pen Ward (of course), storyboarder Tom Herpich, boarder and creative director Cole Sanchez, head writer Kent Osborne, as well as some of the voice talent! 11:00-12:00 in Room 204)

hope to see you there!



terbear said...

Hi Andy.....ho hum, so here is how my day went....didn't sleep a wink in excitement of meeting you and the rest of the AT gang and seeing the AT panel....leave the house at the crack of dawn to pick up my brother, whom was treating us to wondercon...only to find out his attendant was running way late (my brother is wheelchair bound and is at the mercy of others :( )
The kids, who are just as big fans of AT as myself, were starved, and really needed to be fed, so in the pouring wet rain, we went to coco's to eat a hearty breakfast.
when we finally were able to maneuver our way around the horrendous traffic, we made it to the front of the Anaheim convention center, only to find out that they had NO handicap parking available. we searched the nearby neighborhoods looking for a curb that was low enough to allow his lift to be used so that he can easily exit the van, when we could find none, we parked near a curb cut and I just let him out, at the curb cut, and then I moved forward to park....after all was said and done, we walked to the convention center, only to find many obstacles that would not allow his chair to pass, he encouraged us to enter thru the back of Hall E, when we went around the building (still raining I might add) It took us a little over 45 minutes to locate and find him in the masses! after getting our passes & disability stickers...we were already too late for the panel :( (crying here) and by the time we figured out where you were doing your signing, you were already gone. Needless to say, we were so sad, we did see the pictures you left behind, of lemongrab & Finn & Jake, drawn on the table, and took pictures so we had some evidence that we were really there, but we were so sad and broken hearted that we missed both the signing and the panel...that was the only reason we were there....if you can send us a sketch or something, we would love that!! I hope to hear from you.
Teri Rubin

MuraUsagi said...

I hope one day you can come to México