Thursday, September 29, 2011

A.P.E. 2011!!!

i will be appearing at the alternative press expo this weekend in san francisco along with my friend Liz Walsh and a huge amount of folks from cartoon network.  stop by table 722 i've got a bunch of new zines, comics, and prints for sale. 

i'll be right around here.

here's the new jams.



384Sprites said...

For those who can't be there... any chance of selling some prints online?

andy ristaino said...

yes, i'm working on building a store for my site, but if there's a specific print your looking for just email me and i can mail you one as long as you cover postage.


Angela Entzminger said...

Hey Andy!

Thanks again for coming to APE. It was cool meeting you and hearing your Adventure Time stories. Rock on, dude.

384Sprites said...


I just saw this... I tried finding your email and I couldn't see it... tried formspring on your blog but it wouldn't work. Please link me to your contact info... =>>>>>>>>>

andy ristaino said...

hey angela, it was nice meeting you too.

mr. 384sprites email me here if you'd like.

someone at skronked dot com