Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Adventures in adventure time part 5: hyooman league

i got to design most of the Hyoomans for the Susan Strong episode of Adventure time here's a bunch of turnarounds for the episode. the new character heavy episode are a ton of work but i think i enjoy working on them the most because it's cool coming up with so many new characters.

at some point in the episode i had to set them all on fire (they seemed to like it).

i had to draw them all without hats. *spoiler alert * they were fish peeps.



Jared said...

haha love it :)

Miguel Robledo said...

Oustanding work, as allways.

Matthew said...

Whoa. Bear-headed dude has a couple extra elbow-things. Or maybe a couple extra compound fractures. What's that for?

384Sprites said...

Fantastic work! Just discovered your talents. Sorry for such a noob question... but how are these inked? Illustrator, Pshop, or manual. Thanks in advance!

andy ristaino said...

these drawings were all cleaned up in illustrator.