Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Adventure time part 3...

here's some more designs i did from Adventure Time. these are from the episodes The Other Tarts and Chamber of Frozen Blades.

this is the royal tart toter in his prime.
these be tart thieves tasting some taken tarts.
some funny books i got to design for Chamber of Frozen Blades.
here's a snow magic effect i thought turned out cool note the secret cat.
these are posters i got to make up that went in the background of the ice kings secret ninja chamber.
here are two more. i don't even think you get a chance to see the sea devils one.
i did these before and after poses of these chuds for a scene that lasted about two seconds. it took me super long.
this is an earlier version of the b pose. i had to go and change all the mouths because they were way to detailed. i like this version better tho' so i'm posting it.
i got to draw up the ice kings ms paint drawings on his computer.
more coming soon.


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