Monday, December 06, 2010

more adventure time designs...

here's another batch of character designs i've done for Adventure Time.

some crystal guardians from the episode crystals have power.
here's a bunch of random animals from storytelling
cloud people party crowd scene from power animal.
a finn close up from power animal.
finn captured with a potato sack over his head also from power animal.
here's a bunch of snail chicks from slow love.
the party god from power animal and the horse from the eyes. the party god is based on a sketch drawn by jesse moynihan and the horse is inspired by kate beatons shetland pony (and a sketch pen drew)
some random background characters from the eyes.




frankrause said...


Bill Robinson said...

These are great!!

bcthree said...

awesome as always!

Nick Bear said...

I love these all soo much:)!