Monday, October 11, 2010

adventure time season two.

Nightosphere title card by Phil Rynda, Martin Ansolabehere, and Nick Jennings.

the first episode of season two of Adventure Time It Came from the Nightosphere airs tonight. I am one of the lucky few who get to work on this show. check it out if you can. 8:00 on mondays on cartoon network. i'll post some of the character designs i've done after a few episodes have aired.



Charles George Esperanza said...

I saw this episode the other night and its honestly my fav so far. great work!

Arbiter Chrono said...

I love this show so much!!! You have no idea!

andy ristaino said...

thanks. i'm just doing character designs. there's a bunch of other awesome artists working on the show too that deserve more credit than me!