Friday, October 30, 2009

last issue of nickelodeon magazine is out today...

i received my comp copies of the last issue of nickelodeon magazine

Under the guidance of Chris Duffy and Dave Roman, the comics section of Nickelodeon magazine was a monthly showcase for all the superstars of the current alternative comic scene.

Not only does this issue have my last Lucinda Ziggles strip in it but it contains comics by alot of other great artists such as gregg schiegiel, j. torres, dave cooper, steve weissman, evan dorkin, sarah dyer, jonny ryan, and many more!

I'm sad to see it go.

here's my last lucinda ziggles strip.



Troy Burnett said...

"Miles upon miles of hug!"
Love it!

Thomas Herpich said...

Man, that's a great comic. said...

really awesome. I especially like the colorful underground leaves and the way you created so much depth by that layer of foggy tree line in the background. Bill Watterson would be proud of you.

andy ristaino said...

thanks everybody!


Theremina said...