Thursday, October 15, 2009

hi-fructose magazine

Matt Holdaway of Hi-Fructose magazine, an online art blog and print magazine dedicated to raising global awareness of "under the counter culture", was kind enough to take the time to buy me a beer and interview me a little while ago. The results of that interview are now on their online blog.

thanks to Matt, Annie, and Attaboy!
keep cataloging the weird and wonderful.



jeff nevins said...

Cool interview. Interesting to hear about your approach to The Babysitter. Hope you've bounced back from the injuries.

I blew out my thumb back in '99 once, and am thankful to have recovered!

Nice to see some familiar names in your list of friends. Feel free to add me if you want to *.*

andy ristaino said...

hey jeff,

yup my hands and back are doing much much better now.

sure thing i'll add you to my list.


John Woo said...

well, rather interesting, thanks you for the post