Wednesday, January 28, 2009


i hadn't thought about it in a long time but i guess it's one of those strange convergencies in time when puppets seem to come into life's conversation again and again. whether it's talk about Jim Henson's death, re-watching being john malkovich or this. So I figure now is the time to post about some puppets i made back when i was in college in 97. my friend morgan helped me out by taking some great photos in our back yard this morning.

the beatnik Nordine smokes out back.
dr. otto removes little billy's brain, he won't miss it.alien walks amonst the grasses.

there was a robot one too... but i don't know what happened to him.



Troy said...

Wow. I remember these guys. They are in remarkably good condition. That's great!

andy ristaino said...

well except for the robot.
who i'm pretty sure has been destroyed.

HaveItOnline said...

Must say pretty impressive!

pandawhole said...

Today i know what is eu cartoon,it's very interesting.