Thursday, January 01, 2009


Dan Vado of slg publishing offered to do a run of 3 color shirts for an art opening i'm having in February at the slg boutiki gallary.Well back in college i was pretty obsessed with aliens. Did a big run of images of aliens doing different kitschy things. Among those images was the classic aliens playing poker. so i am resurecting a certain design and making it conform to t shirts.

which do you like better? i'm leaning towards version 1 at the moment.

version 1

version 2
version 3here's the one i did in college

happy new year!



Troy said...

Yay aliens! I like version one the best and version three the least. You'll have to let me know how to get one of those shirts once they are printed.

andy ristaino said...

hey, is this burnett?

yup i'll post something about it.

madcarl said...

Version 1 should be on the front of the shirt and version 3 should be on the back.....

OR...... the beam should be in in invisible glow in the dark ink

Biggedy said...

I am down with version 1. Glow in the dark ink would be the way to go!

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