Monday, December 15, 2008

babysitter recommended!

i was surprised as anyone to find that my book "the babysitter" made i09's 10 graphic novels that make thrilling gifts list. TOTALLY AWESOME! io9 is a webblog dedicated specifically to science fiction.

Graeme McMillian says " You probably won't have heard of Andy Ristaino's mind-bending story of Setsuko Kagaku, the Japanese schoolgirl who happens to be the world's greatest babysitter, but once you've seen this amazing, mind-bending book that gleefully rewrites the rulebook on how comics work and questions the nature of reality, you'll never be able to forget it."

click the link to above to check out the other 9 comics!



Anna Vo said...

shouldn't be surprised - your work is freakin incredible!
the scribblings from your mind guide my otherwise meandering hand. MAKE MORE BOOKS PLEASE!

Stéphane Kardos said...

Superbe, gorgeous!

andy ristaino said...

thanks for your kind words. there will definitely be more work in the future.