Saturday, October 04, 2008

Night of the Living Vidiots! ( in color )

finally finished coloring the piece i'm going to use for the cover to my art book i'm putting together for ape. and here it is. i have two color versions which one do you like better? (again, click image to see bigger)



Anonymous said...

i like the first one with more red :)

andy ristaino said...

thanks man

flathumbs said...

The villains stick out better in the first post. The heroes really pop in the second post. Overall, I'll have to vote for FIRST ONE! If this is for a book cover, that hot pink with the yellow backgrounds really catches my eyes. Hopefully I can peep the new book at APE-con.

andy ristaino said...

hopefully i'll have them there. i'm still talking to the printers about it.


Cubi said...


I like both but the first is more catchy. The red is more agressiv so for the robots and the situation it's better, i think.