Tuesday, July 01, 2008

mario bandini...

just finished redo-ing "the secret origin of mario bandini" again for the upcoming "blunderbuss" graphic novel. this is the forth time i've drawn this 8 page story. it's pretty cool to see the changes in style over the years. i'm posting the last 3 versions of the first page. (i'm not including the first attempt because it was a one pager [and i can't find it] ). as always click on the images to see em' bigger.

this is the newest version, number 4. it's kinda a mix of the last two styles (last week).
version 3: this was done around the time of babysitter issue 2 insanity (maybe 2001).
this one is the second version done around the time of fetus issue one (1998) a simpler time.


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quasivoid said...

Wow. I really love your work. Very expressive and graphic at the same time.