Wednesday, February 20, 2008

meathaus s.o.s.

cover art by tomer hanuka

i'm proud to include myself amonst the ranks of amazing artists appearing in the next full color volume of the anthology meathuas, Meathaus: S.O.S.

— Meathaus has been a comics anthology since the year 2000, a website, some art shows, and a plate of novelty shaped cookies. Since its founding days its pages have been filled with comics sensations such as Farel Dalrymple (Pop Gun War, Omega the Unknown), James Jean (Process: Recess, Fables), Tomer Hanuka (Bipolar), Thomas Herpich (Cusp, Gongwanadon), Brandon Graham (Escalator, King City) and Dash Shaw (The Bottomless Belly Button). Now a new gang of young creators have joined the Meathaus to form the largest group of awesome dudes who like to rock yet.

ARTISTS CONTRIBUTING TO THE BOOK — James Jean, Brandon Graham, Shaun Kessler, Farel Dalrymple, Ross Campbell, Corey Lewis,Jared Purrington, Tomer & Asaf Hanuka, Marian Churchland, Matt Furie,Jeff Kilpatrick, Edie Fake, Andy Ristaino, Stefan Gruber, Chris McD onnell, Arik Roper, Christoph Mueller, Rebecca Dart, Ronald Wimberly,Peter Herpich, Sheldon Vella, Jason Sacher, Jesse Moynihan, Jim Campbell, Cameron Michel, Mu Pan, Thomas Herpich, Jim Rugg & Brian Maruca, Jonny B, Dave Kiersh, Dash Shaw, Celia Bullwinkel, Jeremyville, Zohar Lazar, Zachary Baldus, Ralph Bakshi, and Black Dice.

here is a preview of the first three pages of my story in the book, "Hitting Bottom"

to see some of the art in the book or pre-order it visit the nerdcore sight!

thanks for looking, and order the book it should be totally radical!


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