Thursday, January 24, 2008

babysitter collected

early last week i went into san jose to meet up with dan vado from slg to discuss publishing some more of my comics. looks like i should have about 4 graphic novels worth of material out in the next two years (most of which i shall talk about later). one of the books we discussed was a collection of the babysitter which will include tons of bonus material.

since that meeting i've been working on the cover and not wanting to make things easy on myself i decided to try to put every character that appears in the book on the front cover. i don't think i got everyone...but i got the majority of them.

i ended up having to draw it on many different pieces of paper and then scanned and compiled it all in print out yet again and ink.

here's how the compiled pencils turned out. (click to see it larger).

and here's scans of all the separate sections. i'll post the inks soon. enjoy! (again, click to see big-uns).


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