Friday, November 23, 2007

barbary anne and f.a.c.a.

well my sketch of barbary anne got voted in at number 5 for sam hiti's fist-a-cuffs.
so i got to draw a pin-up of barbary in the official F.a.c.a. arena girl costume. a one piece bathing suit.

i'm not used to drawing "real" pin-ups so she ended up with big chicken leg thighs. (or maybe i should say turkey leg given the time of year).

anyway, here's the pin-up along with some sketches (which i like better than the finished version.



Biggedy said...

Holy smokes! I remember this girl! I think you did a short segment pencil test with her flipping towards the camera! That was awesome! You should post it up!

andy ristaino said...

it's actually horrible. i just looked at it the other day.

it's cool you remembered!

i might revisit it someday.

TheDanimator said...

"Has she got...big thighs?"

-Dad from Grumpy Old Men