Monday, July 16, 2007

life of a comic book artist...

some friends of mine filmed a little documentary on me a little more than a year ago...well they've finally put it up online on . if you'd like to you can sign up online and vote on it (give it a green light) and if it gets enough votes it will be put on current tv's cable station (which would be pretty cool.)

you can see it here (or just watch it above, if all is working correctly it should be embedded into my post

i apologize in advance for my appearance. it was shot at one of my more shoddier looking moments.

thanks for looking
and i would like to thank morgan paar, alex theodoropolis and andrew burke (not all of whom were credited)for putting this thing together.


p.s. check out the p.i.p. if you haven't. lot's of new stuff and new artists have joined since my last post.

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