Monday, June 04, 2007

some more sketches...

here are some sketches i did for a future project i'm going to do with my good friend meredith yayanos.

hopefully you'll be seeing more of this in the future.
(also i updated my websight a bit)


maris said...

YAY! More sketches! More sketches! More sketches! (No pressure or anything...). I heart your blog, by the way, and the website. I think I could just look at your drawings all day. I eagerly await more posts. Weeee-haw!


oh, um...Did I ever give you a stuffed animal at APE last year? I wanted to for your allowing me put my stuff in your apartment, but then I got really sick (barfies!) and might have forgotten. Let me know, and it shall be done (if you want one, that is).

andy ristaino said...

oop! i thought i responded to this already. thanks for the words of encouragement. more sketches soon. been super busy.

no stuffed animal...sure if you wanna send me one that would be cool!


Anonymous said...
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