Friday, April 20, 2007

Schlemiel! Schlemazl! Hasankeyf Incorporated!

As ren has previously stated. Beautiful and Eerie Hasankeyf might be underwater in the nearish future. I find it amazing that they can even consider doing this . There is so much rich history here. I guess since there is so much history everywhere we go in Turkey, anywhere they pick to flood will cover thousands of years of history.

The old city was built and dug into a bluff high above the tigris river.
This photo will be in 3-d when blogger finally makes the 3-d plug-in available in 2008.View of the Tigris from the old city.the graveyards were always on the hightest points...usually on top of the cities.
Locals still live in alot of the lower caves.These clouds were the bane of Ren's photo shoots.
But they did give Ren time to clip those meddlesome nosepeppers that had been growing out of his snozzola.
A rare contemplative moment for action mark. perhaps sizing up nearby cliff or hole.
Local Mustafa and guitar hero, Mustafa, unruffled by the impending flood.
a cozy fixer upper with nice location near the center of town.

¿Qué Sucedió a Maxi Rodriguez?

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