Sunday, April 08, 2007


Merhaba (Greetings) from the third member of the turkey triumvirate.

I could spend my first entry showing you an endless parade of photos revealing the grandeur of the blue mosque

or the elegance of its interiors… But instead I have chosen to focus on the trivial.
start at the beginning,

upon entry to SFO’s international section of the airport we were first greeted by the visage of this jolly soul. A newly restored fresco depicting the trials and tribulations of a tortilla chef driven to the brink of insanity by spending far to much time in the sfo international airport. Luckily my brother mark and i were spared this malady by having to wait only and hour and a half to catch out flight to…

Istanbul! City of cats!
One of the first things you notice about Istanbul is that, dang, there’s a lot a stray cats in this town.

Local cats are hired as security guards at the aya Sofya.
From a safe distance Turkish men play an endless game of teasing the cats below with strings attached to fishing poles.

Once in Istanbul, we met up with old friend and founding member of the Globtrans staff. Renato.
Here is renato getting worked up into a lather discussing politics with some of the locals.

Renato wasn’t the only old friend that greeted us.
"Willy, alf’s put mr. Wiskers in the microwave and opened up a chain of denim clothing stores in turkey again!”

also, the locals were friendly enough to swindle us into drinking an expensive cherry juice. crack squad of cherry juice vendors pulled up next to us as we were walking in the middle of a public park. Jumped out of their car and quickly started posing for pictures and pouring us cherry juice. It was only after we imbibed the sweet juice that we were told that there was a price attached.
Mark surrounded by brightly colored cherry pushers.

And so.

¿Qué Sucedió a Maxi Rodriguez?

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